Friday, 14 July 2017

Why I blog

In retrospect, ive always had thoughts in my head for the most part of my life, creating stories, but ive always thought when i came into Second Life that i didnt know what i would set myself to enjoy, but ive come a long way in the 11th year and i can safely say i love to photograph.....whether it be people, landscapes,sim creations,from the ideas in my head which are continuous and never ending....and i may have the ideas, I in no way try to copy.....i also blog fashion - from skins which i used to routinely do with sys showcase...on a monthly basis...I did have the chance with a shape designer once, who advertised in group looking for bloggers to blog there shapes which i enjoyed, i also blogged their store and i think they loved the fact i did that.

Events around SecondLife....

Yes there is many these days and before i took my yr out and for the moment, taking some time out again, even though i am using a chat based client, till i officially get a new computer,which wont be till the beginning of the year i think....but its one of the reasons that i am highlighting a lot of the events onto the blog is because i love being in the know and to showcase what is coming yes its summer now, so there is a lot of events going on including the hunts.

I am also looking for sponsors, who would be willing to advertise on the blog as well.

Photography and Blogging

I co run Midnightsun can fiind the link to the right of you and you can see the type of photography that Midnight Shinja does, he will create themes, and due to my tenacity and i also regularly did the same before i took the long break.....Midnight features the ladies in the world of modelling and I feature the men in the world of modelling...The best reason that our partnership works together is that we can bat ideas off,and i have ideas that can be so out of this world at times hehe...But i still have a Theme (shoot) that i need to get off the ground still and i aim to get it done that is for sure..To those that would love to be part of those ideas, then you know where to contact us, and if your creative, then even better

Monday, 3 July 2017

Events over the Summer and Autumn/Fall

Just a few events

Hair Fair 2017

Well its that time of year, in which Hair is of the importance, but then hair is always important and I am constantly changing it daily and always have my favourite designers, in which many below listed I can safely say are there.

More info here


Blue Shutters:
Aso & Soothe
Red Shutters:
Bandana Booth
Discord Designs
Yellow Shutters:
Pink Hustler
Green Shutters:
Lock & Tuft
Bliensen + Maitai


Red Shutters:
Mithral Apothecary
Rosy Mood
Bandana Booth
Green Shutters:
Ayame Ame
Aii the Ugly & Beautiful
Blue Shutters:
Red Mint
Analog Dog
Yellow Shutters:


Blue Shutters:
Zsa Zsa’s House of Beauty
Red Shutters:
Gorgeous Dolls
Yellow Shutters:
Lovey Dovey
Barber Shop
Little Bones
Green Shutters:
Bandana Booth


Blue Shutters:
Red Shutters:
DP YumYum
Vanity Hair
Yellow Shutters:
Alli & Ali Designs
Wasabi Pills
Green Shutters:
Bandana Booth
Tableau Vivant
Hair Studio One – One Creations

Friday, 5 May 2017


So hi there,not been around but I'm still here just using tablet,as I'm needing to sort computer still,just some issues with installing firestorm since I had updated to win 10 but I'll sort soon....

So yes even though I have been offline for a year,I've been fully aware of the going on regarding Bento,and I would buy save things I wanted onto my marketplace account,and as I had on my other account saved 15k of Linden's,that was my weekly stipend,saving it for a year,very much helped,so as you see I bought 

Bento Catwa Catya head

Absolutely love
Also wearing Izzie and Arte makeups
Truth hair
Skin - Glam Affair

Photo taken by Midnight Shinja(my other half) and owns and runs Midnightsun Studio
Look him up as we are seeking models on a continuous basis..must have a gorgeous look,willing to change if if your needing a portrait please get in touch

For now I'll be adding the goings on in SL,what is on and so much more

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Monthly Events - Part 1

Hiya everyone

No not forgot my blog at all, i actually when not on here help with a blog that deals with modelling photography and i unfortunately leave my own one to grow weeds i think *smiles*, so yes im actually trying to get back inworld also but its not letting me in either.

Im currently updating the blog to include many new features and will be including weekly,daily monthly events that are ongoing and current inworld.

Also will be including Hunts as well

There is many daily features and when i also get the time i will be doing daily feature about stores,places to visit.

Links below are highlighting the events run monthly



Mesh Body Addicts


Black Dot Project


Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Trip to Collabor88 - Nostalgia

Been a while since i wandered to Collabor88 and quite glad i did as there was a bit of a Nostalgic feel to it in a way...Let me show you what i picked up on my trip.

Skin - Belleza - Ria Fat Pack
Ison - Charlotte Dress - Taupe
Hair - ClawTooth - Female Trouble - Enchanting Brunettes
CAE - Nostalgia - Rings
MG - Necklace - Tallulah Drop inc Earrings

Skin - Glam Affair - Mokatana - Jamaica inc Lips
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Ophelia Hair (Fall)
Maitreya - Vintage Pearl Necklace
[DeadWood] Lace Sweater with Shirt Collar
Nostalgia Flare Skirt - Red M - {U.F.O}

Nostalgia Flare Skirt -Red M {U.F.O}
Mary Pleated Shirt - Camel - The Secret Store
Katat0nik (Champagne) Missing You Mask
LagYo - Chantelle Long Necklace - 4 Metals
D!va - Hair - Astralia (MoonStone)
Shoes -::HH:: Hucci Kasos - LateNight

Home comforts
*MishiMishi* Nostalgia Jewelrybox
Pilot -Heirloom Hutch - (Red)
Trompe Loeil  - Astrid chair - Pink
Flowey/ Instant Memory Digital Frame
Lark Crawford Dressing Table & stool

Skin - Glam Affair - Mokatana - Europe
Hair - Clawtooth -
*Boom* - Live a Little Dress - Glitzy

Pose Animation - Kirin - Rumi Pose Set

Akira Desk - Standby Inc
So this is just a prelude to a lot of great Clothing, Jewellery, Animations, home Comforts, Skins and so much more, so go take a look at Collabor88 - please be aware that its a lots busy and only when you can and have the time and patience then make the time to get there.

Till next time

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Skin Fair 2013

A New Year and its that time of year again which be The Skin Fair, I loved it last yr and i didnt do much of a report as i should have :)

So with 2 Sims worth of Fabulous looking skins and designers, you can pick and choose the skins you like and with Tuli back with brand new skins it is even more delightful.  Running from the 15th March till the 31st you have plenty of time to take a look at the skins on offer...and please be aware that there is a script limit and also respect it as well(50) I found the best option to get around is with just a full body alpha and wander invisible but due to the fact it is a PG sim do not wander around naked, that would be just full on rude.

The Skin Fair 2013

On Friday the Skin Fair opened again and well i made sure to go on the 1st day as you always know that the weekends can be busy with everyone wanting to go, so i thought i would share with you of the skins i chose - some are the designers i love to use often and some are those that iv'e never had decided to try out, and well the first one i thought i would show you is 

Snow Bunny - Nea is an Beautiful and adorable Hybrid Avatar with a Mesh Shape and Mesh head, she has a Hud where  you can switch on tears off and on, Makeup, Eye colour.

Adam and Eve - Bethany Skini T3 Scarlet - comes with freckles, 4 Hairbases - Black, Brown,Pale Blond and Red, 3 eyebrow tattoos Blonde, Red and Dark T3 a cleavage Dehancer and Enhancer T3 and no nails glove T3

[CIA Designs] Daisy Skin - slight Tan and Red Lips

Mojo - I have to say i have found another Skin Maker that I rather like a lot - Donna Chestnut - 05 (comes with 3 chin shadows, teeth, eyes make up, eyebrows,mesh Lashes, 4 skin types, and an alpha mouth open)

Tuli - Ive always been a lover of her skins and its great to see her back :) - this is Elyse/Petal (sultry Pack) comes in Black,Red,Blonde with various, Dimples, and cleavage enhancers, 5 eye makeups,4 eyebrow colours, 30 lipsticks and nail concealer

Essences Clover 03 "sunset" ginger, also tattoo layers cleavage

Glam Affair - Zara - Jamaica 09 ( Glam Affair is another favourite skin of mine so was liking the fact this was a new skin out, also comes with lashes alpha, 3 hair bases
Belleza - Mya SF Medium Bl 2 comes with tattoo layers also and Cleavage layer

Below is a full list of  other designers at The Skin Fair

The Skin Fair is proud to be sponsored by:
ND/MD Skins & Shapes
Dream Ink
TD Templates
La Petite Morte
Style by Kira
Skin Addiction
Cynful Clothing & Co.
The Blue Lagoon Club
The Plastik
Eos Games
Our participating designers:
. : VyC : . Men’s Bodyshop
.::WoW Skins::.
[ a.e.meth ]
**SHINE** Skins&Fashion
*Anymore store
*Les Petits Détails*
*Step inSide*
Adam n Eve
Aeva // Heartsick
TZAL bare
Apple May Designs (AMD)
7 deadly s{k}ins
Casa del Shai
Curious Kitties
Dulce Secrets
Elysium Skins & Apparel
English Muffin
Eye Candi
Fallen Gods Inc.
Fresh Fx / House of London
Glam Affair
Inside Lab.
Le Masque
LPM kids
Mirror’s Enigma
ND/MD Skins & Shapes
Nvious By GG
Oceane Body Design
Ooh-la-licious Skins
Pink Fuel
RUBY Skins
Sinful Needs
Skindustrial Bodywerks
Snow Rabbit
The Plastik
The Sugar Garden
Ugly Duck
Zoul Creations

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A quick note

I did my usual SyS showcase as per usual, i just been having a busy time in both sl and rl that i kinda lost where they all are *I think* whenever you see me blogging things, im going to be needing to filter my skins for SYS, i always put them into a specific blog as it is anyways.

I try to blog everyday, but given it also costs money at times to buy everything that might be exclusive and im sure many might get gifties to blog for..Im not that type, i am in my SL to enjoy it, to spend money while in there, i have been inworld since 06 and my main is coming up for 7 in December and Jewell is coming up for 6 in a few months time...I still havent seen every aspect of SL to be honest, I do it in my own time and my own way..I see folk blogging like its a competition, but to be honest i will always follow to the bloggers that have done it for years...I used to blog on another site a friend run called was a great community, just not been in it for like ever and i hope its still around as all my photos and blogs and poems i found and song titles are all there hehe.

Blogs I Follow

Hey there, Just been quiet as doing The Twisted Hunt plus i went to The Whore Couture Fair as well, so many things to be doing and many more things are ongoing as well, as The Skin Fair is coming up soon as well and i always look forward to going there :)

I thought i would share well post links of blogs i follow of those that i admire, and enjoy reading.

The Best of SL - Want to follow events that are happening in SL, then for sure this would be the Blog to follow, from Fashion to Festivals and so much more

BloggingSL -Follow the Fashionista's and lovers of fashion as well all the wonderful locations that these bloggers can find -

HollyWeird - Caught this blog and thought oo when i saw it and for sure just thought one of the blogs i would for sure to pay attention and with this to go with - I hope you will enjoy this site as well   

Strawberry Singh - I think i can safely say I love her blog, and those that write within her blog and she she talks about the best stuff and i can say i go to all these places she goes to anyways but i always dont have the time to look in my inventory to show stuff or end up losing it which is typical of me, heck i think i would need a month just to blog all the stuff i have hehe without being distracted :)

If im honest when i look at my flickr feed, i look at it to look at awesome looking pics that capture a story and also i follow awesome photographers also going via this site - There are many more to follow smiles, and i love SaleenaHax's Blog as well

I love a unique and individual style of Avi - I like to change a lot as well, these days i seem normal lol, but i sure need to spread out how i like to look from time to time

Slfeeds website -

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hunt for your Inner Slut - The Gifts

Hunt for your Inner Slut Gifties

Well it only took me one day well would have if i had not crashed out on first day hehe, so got up to 30 odd, but went out for some fun in RL yesterday for once, the today saturday had been in RL mainly all day, so quickly finished off once i came back inworld...smiles,so I hope you look forward to the gifts i will show you.  Many more were on Offer including Beds and Chairs and A Bedroom set also and much more

Skin and Gag 

Slutwear By Lexi -Panties and Top

Lindy's -Shorts and Top, Boots and Jewellery

Corset and Panties comes also with Tango applier

Lust Me Please includes Gag (Have i told you that i love gags as it is and getting gags within this hunt is even better *grins*

::Amber-licious Designs:: 'New'
Lace top and Thong also comes with Tango Applier

The Slut Shop Strapped Outfit including stitched slut mouth gag *winks* and collar

Dragonlady's Closet - Nala in Eggplant (Dress)

The Slut Shop - Inner Slut in Pink inc Tango appliers

Jeweled Lingerie Set (this is just a gorgeous Lingerie set)

::Rack City:: 
Lustful fun (Exclusive Corset, Thongs and Stockings) also comes with Tango appliers

Sick Puppy
Comes in 3 colours Red, Black and Pink and aso comes with Lola 2.5 top applier and also Lola Tango Appliers
Bluemoon creation Galleries - 2 Beautiful artworks  - this one i am showing is Hooked:) very sensual i like

Porn info centre - grins love the Tshirt, also has a dildo with it

*Slave* Frou Frou 
Very sexy outfit

Murr's House of Kinky Cards - 2 Different cards for male and female - this be the females (can also write a message)
+Silhouette+ - Levane Grey (Pants, shirt) also comes with Tango Appliers

Friday, 15 February 2013

Hunts that are starting and coming up

Given I have been doing hunts for years and things i will be bringing you the gifts from many of the hunts i do starting with Hunt for your Inner Slut and then in March Twisted Hunt, smiles, i have been rather lax in my blogging for the past 2 months but i do assure you i have not forgotten you all :) 

If you want to follow the blogging list for top quality hunts and gifts - go here

Welcome to Hunt for Your Inner Slut!!!!
This hunt is all about the top quality, detailed, lovingly-made adult goods that you will find throughout Second Life.
The theme is LUST.
Feel free to join us! Here’s ways to follow the hunt!:
Group: secondlife:///app/group/49e20bf5-764c-f004-6d93-003832988ba6/about .
Hints will not be revealed until Midnight February 15, 2013.
Some of the stores will be in adult sims, so make sure you are age-verified.

Twisted Hunt

SL Hunts is VERY proud to be granted permission from the TWISTED hunt organizers to be the First Hunt Blog to officially feature TWISTED SPRING 2013!
Welcome to the hardest hunt in SL!

Twisted Hunt
March 1 – 31

A grid-wide hunt featuring some of the most Twisted creators in SL!

The first Twisted Hunt was in March of 2009, the second was in September of the same year. Now the 9th Twisted Hunt is upon us – and this time, the theme is “Delirium”… a journey into confusion, an exploration of derangement, an expedition into hallucination and hysteria, and the insanity that goes with it…
We can’t wait to do it again, and we hope you can’t either! If you’re new to this whole Twisted Hunt business, we have some words of warning for you. And whether you’re new or not, it can’t hurt to peek in to the info for twisted hunters;)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Structure your Skin Collection - January

Sys January

1. ::S:: Erica Honey - Very Beautiful Skin indeed

2. Surrogates  - Shannon tan 2 (Cheryl 1 cleavage)

3. Style By Kira  - Brianna Skin 025  SYS1 Opt 2 comes in a option 1

3b  the same  but different  lip tone (style by Kira)

4. Sui Generis  - Cammy Tan (clean) comes in med and pale as well

5.{FG} Dede - Jan Ss (HB)

11 Bella DC - SYS edition - Step Inside - normal again includes Dark, Rosypale and Tan, also shape

7. Holly SYS Specal Edition Ice Cream Vanilla (comes in  Praline) comes with tattoo base of pubes, teeth and cleavage plus a shape

8. Holly Aika Skin - Envy Cream (also in Natural, Pink Kiss, Violet Kiss) has a mod and non mod shape, teeth, cleavage and pubes layers

9. Cielo Skin  - Natural  (Sexy cleavage) comes in an avatar with shape blue eyes, eyelashes

14.[:ME:] Gula Native Skintone Natural E2 w/ cleavage (also comes in E1  and  Naural NE )with and with cl) 2 shapes Curvy and Slim, Teeth Layer and 2 eye colours

13 [MC] Blake Skin D Cup Pink (also comes in Violet, Ocean and Cyan plus D Cup lola Tango appliers (also same in A Tone as well)

 12  [MC] Keena Skin D Cup Nude (also  comes in Pink, Lavender and Cyan and includes Lolas Tango Applier D Cup( A cup also)

16. ::Modish:: Lana_Party [Cappucio] Cl

6. Step Inside - July normal 1 cl, comes also in dark,rosy pale and tan tones also

15 [:ME:] Eliza Light Skintone - monarch 02 w/cleavage (comes  also in Pink, Smoky) and shape and hairbase

17. .em. Okimi - Creme Special (also comes with Cacoa, Nut, Snow,Sultana, Sunkiss Tones)

 18. "Anymore ::Violeta:: Cream w/C (includes hairbases Black,Blonde,Brown,Red,White)

10. Ceara - Step Inside normal 1 Cl -  also comes with dark, rosypale and tan

19."Estel" Alexis - Pale SYS ~4 V2 Db Cl comes in  V1 also